10 Global Giants Enter Crypto: Is Now The Time To Buy?

• The article discusses 10 giant global companies that have recently entered the crypto space, despite the bearish sentiment currently clouding it.
• These companies include BlackRock, Mastercard, Visa, Polygon, Nike, Starbucks, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, TencentGlobal and Meta (Facebook).
• They are partnering with different crypto services to offer their own bitcoin trading service or to build decentralised applications on the Avalanche network.

Crypto Adoption from Global Companies

Despite the bearish sentiment clouding over the crypto sector right now, there are 10 huge global companies that have recently entered the space. It seems there is so much bearish news over the last few weeks that the crypto sector could well have hit bottom. Some might say that this is a good time to buy, and with giant real-world companies having just dipped their toes into crypto, they might just be right.


YouTube influencer The Crypto Lark (Lark Davis) put together a Tweet thread that acknowledges 10 of the hugest companies that have recently got into crypto. When giant companies are concerned, you don’t get much bigger than BlackRock. The asset manager behemoth with more than $10 trillion AUM launched a spot bitcoin fund, and has partnered with Coinbase in order to offer its own $BTC trading service.

Mastercard & Visa

Payment card giant Mastercard has partnered with immersve, a crypto payments protocol which enables Australian and New Zealand clients to use crypto for payments anywhere in the Mastercard Network. Mastercard has also just partnered with top crypto exchange Bybit to offer the same thing. Visa is not to be left out either; it partnered with Wirex to help launch a crypto-linked debit card which will soon be available in more than 40 countries.

Polygon & Others

Polygon is the biggest of the layer 2 blockchains and this go-getting team has partnered up with no less than 3 big stock market companies – Meta (Instagram NFT feature), Nike (Swoosh virtual apparel NFT platform) and Starbucks (Odyssey rewards program). Amazon Web Services (AWS) also joined forces with Avalanche blockchain in order to enable AWS customers to build decentralised applications on Avalanche’s network; Microsoft teamed up with liquid staking protocol Ankr; Chinese tech company TencentGlobal collaborated with MultiversX (Elrond); while Facebook combined forces with Spanish telecoms colossus Telefonica for web3 and metaverse product suite development purposes.


Despite current bearish sentiment hovering over cryptocurrency markets at present , it appears global corporate giants are beginning adoption of cryptos at an unprecedented rate after forming numerous partnerships within recent months . This may suggest we could potentially see bullish momentum returning back into cryptocurrency markets sooner rather than later .