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XRP Surges 10% Amid Legal Fight: BTC, ETH, LTC Skyrocket

• XRP surges on rumors surrounding outcome of its legal fight with the SEC.
• Crypto exchange Kraken signs multi-year global pact with Formula One team Williams Racing.
• Bitcoin is on track for its strongest quarter in two years, outperforming Nasdaq 100 and gold.

XRP Surges

XRP, the cryptocurrency issued by Ripple, is surging on rumors surrounding outcome of its long-running legal fight with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The crypto was up as much as 10%, indicating a strong market sentiment.

Kraken & Williams Racing Partnership

Crypto exchange Kraken signed a multi-year global pact with Formula One team Williams Racing, making it the trading platform’s first major sponsorship deal. This move comes at a time when sports tie-ups with digital asset firms are becoming increasingly unpopular.

Bitcoin Performance

Bitcoin has stormed to a 72% gain over the last three months and is on track for its strongest quarter in two years. The token has outperformed both the Nasdaq 100 and gold, which are up 15% and 9%, respectively, in the same stretch. BTC/USD skyrocketed 4.0% in the last session, while ETH/USD jumped 1.5%. XRP/USD surged 6.3% during this period while LTC/USD exploded 3.1%.

Economic Calendar

Today’s economic calendar features several important releases including US Gross Domestic Product Annualized at 12:30 GMT and US Gross Domestic Product Price Index at 12:30 GMT as well as Eurozone’s Business Climate at 09:00 GMT. The GDP Price Index gauges the change in prices of goods and services produced within a country while Business Climate measures current opinion of businesses about economic conditions within Eurozone countries..


The cryptocurrency market appears to be showing positive sentiments with XRP gaining 10%, Bitcoin up 72%, Ethereum rising 1.5%, Ripple surging 6.3% and Litecoin exploding 3%. Today’s economic calendar includes important releases such as US Gross Domestic Product Annualized, US Gross Domestic Product Price Index, and Eurozone’s Business Climate index which will likely shape future market movements

Bull Market Looms: Has Gensler Targeted Coinbase to Dampen Crypto Ardor?

• Banks are on the edge of collapse and Bitcoin is about to start its bull market, raising questions as to whether Gensler has been told to bring Coinbase down.
• The public is now aware of the fragility of the banking system, leading to more interest in crypto assets.
• Throwing a cloud of negativity over Coinbase could cool the public’s enthusiasm for investing in crypto assets.

Banking System In Crisis

The banking system is broken, and despite all efforts by central banks to prop it up, more banks may still fail in coming months due to high interest rates set by the Federal Reserve. This has caused shock among the public who have become painfully aware of how easily large banks can crumble.

Rise Of Crypto Assets

Institutions have been kept away from investing in Bitcoin due to tight regulation, however, general public interest towards crypto assets appears to be growing with each passing day and rising asset prices only further fuel this trend.

SEC Notice To Coinbase

Coinbase recently received a Wells Notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which could lead to an enforcement action being taken against them. This notice has had a negative impact on their share price as it dropped around 17% since yesterday’s close. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong commented that this was like „a game of pickleball“ where referees suddenly change their decision made back in April 2021.

Coinbase Response

Coinbase responded with a blog post outlining their complaints against SEC’s decision and questioning why they were not given more time before action was taken against them. They argue that this lack of warning has had negative implications for both investors and customers alike who rely on Coinbase as an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

Cooling The Ardour For Crypto

All these measures taken by government institutions might be used as a way of dampening down enthusiasm for crypto investments amongst retail investors who use Coinbase as an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. It remains unclear if any further action will be taken but it does appear that government bodies are becoming increasingly concerned about cryptocurrency investments

Explore the Hobotown.wtf NFT Collection – Get Yours Now!

• hobotown.wtf are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network.
• There are currently 6,892 items in the collection and it has 2967 owners since its release.
• The market capitalization is 17.23ETH, with 13,587 collections sales at an average price of 0.10 ETH per sale and there are no buyer or seller fees to dev or opensea.io.

What is an hobotown.wtf?

hobotown.wtf are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 2 June, 2022 with 6,892 items of the collection viewable at OpenSea that have 2967 owners since its release.

Price and Sales

The market capitalization of hobotown.wtf NFT collection is 17.23 ETH with 13,587 collections sales made at an average price of 0.10 ETH (~$157.29 at the time of writing) creating a total volume in 1,348.014 ETH with no buyer or seller fees to dev or opensea.io and floor price of 0.002 ETH and 30-day trading volume kept at 0 .02 ETH with payment tokens as ETH and WETH .

Why are some NFTs expensive and others not?

NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and still in their infancy meaning that there is no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining their value which can be affected by how established they were when first released as well as opportunists taking advantage of market growth for personal gain resulting in some NFTs having no value while others being considered digital art works created by artists recognizing the value added by NFTs to creative spaces .

Is the hobotown Collection Over or Underpriced?

It is difficult to determine whether NFTs from the hobotown collection is overpriced or underpriced due to being a new emerging market without any historical data as well as how it is developed and promoted by creators and community members influencing its worth .

Examples of Hobotown Collection

The examples given include hobontown #1, #2 ,#3 ,and #13 all paying either zero basis points (buyer fee)or 750 basis points (seller fee) for dev payments while paying zero basis points (buyer fee)or 250 basis points (seller fee )for opensea payments .

10 Global Giants Enter Crypto: Is Now The Time To Buy?

• The article discusses 10 giant global companies that have recently entered the crypto space, despite the bearish sentiment currently clouding it.
• These companies include BlackRock, Mastercard, Visa, Polygon, Nike, Starbucks, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, TencentGlobal and Meta (Facebook).
• They are partnering with different crypto services to offer their own bitcoin trading service or to build decentralised applications on the Avalanche network.

Crypto Adoption from Global Companies

Despite the bearish sentiment clouding over the crypto sector right now, there are 10 huge global companies that have recently entered the space. It seems there is so much bearish news over the last few weeks that the crypto sector could well have hit bottom. Some might say that this is a good time to buy, and with giant real-world companies having just dipped their toes into crypto, they might just be right.


YouTube influencer The Crypto Lark (Lark Davis) put together a Tweet thread that acknowledges 10 of the hugest companies that have recently got into crypto. When giant companies are concerned, you don’t get much bigger than BlackRock. The asset manager behemoth with more than $10 trillion AUM launched a spot bitcoin fund, and has partnered with Coinbase in order to offer its own $BTC trading service.

Mastercard & Visa

Payment card giant Mastercard has partnered with immersve, a crypto payments protocol which enables Australian and New Zealand clients to use crypto for payments anywhere in the Mastercard Network. Mastercard has also just partnered with top crypto exchange Bybit to offer the same thing. Visa is not to be left out either; it partnered with Wirex to help launch a crypto-linked debit card which will soon be available in more than 40 countries.

Polygon & Others

Polygon is the biggest of the layer 2 blockchains and this go-getting team has partnered up with no less than 3 big stock market companies – Meta (Instagram NFT feature), Nike (Swoosh virtual apparel NFT platform) and Starbucks (Odyssey rewards program). Amazon Web Services (AWS) also joined forces with Avalanche blockchain in order to enable AWS customers to build decentralised applications on Avalanche’s network; Microsoft teamed up with liquid staking protocol Ankr; Chinese tech company TencentGlobal collaborated with MultiversX (Elrond); while Facebook combined forces with Spanish telecoms colossus Telefonica for web3 and metaverse product suite development purposes.


Despite current bearish sentiment hovering over cryptocurrency markets at present , it appears global corporate giants are beginning adoption of cryptos at an unprecedented rate after forming numerous partnerships within recent months . This may suggest we could potentially see bullish momentum returning back into cryptocurrency markets sooner rather than later .

Unity Joins Crypto Gaming Revolution, 13 Companies Added to Verified Solutions Program

• Unity has included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in its Verified Solutions Program (VSP).
• Unity is a behemoth of a company positioned at the top of the gaming industry.
• Altura provides infrastructure for Web3 and is one of the crypto projects chosen by Unity.

Unity’s Power in the Gaming Industry

World-leading 3D content creator Unity has an incredible reach. It has 3.9 billion monthly active users and reached 5 billion game downloads in 2021, with the number of creators increasing 31% last year. 18 months after peak pandemic, people playing games is still up by more than 50%.

Crypto Gaming: The New Frontier

Crypto gaming is fast becoming one of the world’s asset classes, and it was only natural that Unity would get involved in this area too. To that end, they have included 13 top Web3 crypto gaming companies in their Verified Solutions Program (VSP).

The Unity VSP Program

The VSP Program consists of an ecosystem of trusted third-party SDKs, plug-ins, and editor applications that are closely aligned with Unity to ensure their latest releases are verified for productivity, performance, and usability. These 13 companies chosen by Unity include Aikon ORE ID, Algorand, Altura, Aptos Labs, Dapper Labs, Immutable X, Infura, Metamask Nefta , Quarters Solana , Tezos and Truffle .

Altura Provides Infrastructure for Web3

Altura provides everything needed to build on any blockchain so game developers can use its powerful API and SDKs to make decentralization accessible to both players and developers. Majd Hailat , founder of Altura said: “We are thrilled to team up with Unity and join their Verified Solutions program.“ He added: “We believe that decentralization will revolutionize the gaming industry”


As evidenced by its inclusion of these 13 companies in its VSP Program , it is clear that Unity firmly believes that crypto gaming is here to stay as it bolsters its position as one of the world’s fastest-growing asset classes. It also stands to benefit greatly from its work with Altura who provide essential infrastructure for Web3 games.

Unlock the World of NFTs with Waifusion: 16,379 Tokens to Collect!

• Waifusion is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network.
• As of March 1, 2021, there are 16,379 items in the collection, with 2215 owners and a market capitalization of 198.91 ETH.
• The value of NFTs from the Waifusion Collection is influenced by its development and promotion, as well as opportunistic exploitation and greed in the market.

What Is Waifusion?

Waifusion is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 1 March 2021. There are currently 16,379 items in the collection and 2215 owners since its release 718 days ago. The market capitalization of the collection is 198.91 ETH with an average price per item of 0.31 ETH (~$536.28 at time of writing). Payment tokens accepted for transactions include ETH, DAI, WETH, USDC with floor price set at 0.0198 ETH and 30-day trading volume at 0.66 ETH.

Why Are Some NFTs Expensive And Others Not?

As NFTs are still relatively new to blockchain technology and lack historical data or precedence to determine their value, some projects that started early have had first-mover advantage creating legitimacy which has increased their value over time while others have been made purely out of greed due to rapid growth in the market leading them to be deemed ‘garbage’ NFTs with no real worth or use case beyond speculation or investment purposes.

Is The Waifusion Collection Over Or Underpriced?

It’s difficult to determine whether Waifusions are overpriced or underpriced as this assessment will become clearer when more active participation develops within the metaverse marketspace however it’s possible that its development and promotional activities may influence its pricing as well as opportunistic exploitation and greed from investors taking advantage of soaring prices during times of high demand for certain assets within this space..

Waifusion NFT Fees & Examples

The fees associated with buying/selling includes 400 basis points seller fee to developers & 250 basis points seller fee to OpenSea respectively while buyers incur no fees for either process . Examples include #0 – #3 each featuring unique images & designs indicative of ‘waifu culture’ which is becoming increasingly prominent within the collectibles space especially amongst younger generations & anime fans alike who draw inspiration from manga & anime characters creating digital artworks often portraying strong female figures..


Overall Waifusions offer an interesting insight into how valuable digital collectibles can be in today’s world where virtual spaces are being explored more than ever before allowing people to express their creativity through digital artwork & form communities based around shared interests such as waifu culture which could ultimately lead us towards a future where digital asset ownership becomes commonplace across all industries not just limited to entertainment related areas such as gaming but also finance investment banking etc..

SEC Commissioner Slams Agency’s ‚Lazy and Paternalistic‘ Crypto Stance

• Commissioner Hester Peirce, the longest serving SEC commissioner, published a statement on Thursday criticizing SEC’s enforcement action against crypto exchange Kraken.
• She argued that Kraken received the action because its staking program should have been registered with the SEC as a securities offering and accused agency of being “hostile to crypto”.
• She called out her own agency for not thinking through implications for staking programs in order to put out guidance, and instead it had just chosen the route of enforcement action.

Commissioner Hester Peirce

Commissioner Hester Peirce is the longest serving commission under the chairmanship of Gary Gensler in the current 4 SEC commissioners. Since she started her term in 2018, commissioner Peirce has always maintained her independent views which are often different from those of the commission.

SEC’s Enforcement Action Against Crypto Exchange Kraken

On Thursday she published her dissent against the SEC’s recent enforcement action targeted at crypto exchange Kraken on their website. According to her argument, Kraken received the action because its staking program should have been registered with the SEC as a securities offering but getting it done through SEC pipeline would have been very difficult in such an environment.

SEC Criticized by Commissioner

Commissioner was not shy of criticizing her own agency for being „hostile to crypto“, saying that there was no attempt to develop a public process that could provide „workable registration“ and offer „valuable information to investors“. She called out her own agency for being „lazy and paternalistic“, accusing them of using enforcement actions rather than providing clear guidance on emerging industry matters like this one.

Commissioners Dissent

In order for people to know what law is applicable on emerging industry matters, Commissioner Peirce proposed developing a public process which can offer workable registration and valuable information about investments rather than using one-off enforcement actions everytime with cookie-cutter analysis technique which does not suffice in this case according to Commissioner.


This article is provided only for informational purposes and should not be used as legal, tax, investment or financial advice.

Silvergate Under Fire: DoJ Launches Criminal Probe Into Crypto Bank’s Deals

• The US Department of Justice is investigating Silvergate Capital Corp. for its dealings with bankrupt crypto firm FTX and its sister concern Alameda Research.
• The DoJ has charged the CEOs of FTX and Alameda Research with fraudulent activities, leading to a net loss of $1 billion for Silvergate in 2022.
• There are increasing calls from federal prosecutors and senators for details on the bank’s risk management practices, raising the possibility of criminal charges against Silvergate.

The DOJ Probes Into Silvergate

The United States Department of Justice has launched a probe into Silvergate Capital Corp. and its dealings with bankrupt crypto firm FTX and its sister concern Alameda Research. Prosecutors have been charging the CEOs of FTX and Alameda Research with fraudulent activities, which resulted in a net loss of $1 billion for Silvergate in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Increasing Scrutiny

Silvergate’s involvement in hosting accounts tied to businesses associated with FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried has caused their shares to lose 88% of their value in 2022. This led to drastic layoffs at the bank as well as increased scrutiny from government bodies and policymakers seeking details on the bank’s risk management practices. Federal prosecutors in the DoJ’s fraud section are conducting a criminal probe into Silvergate’s operations, further raising suspicions that criminal charges could be brought against them.

Silvergate’s Rise

Silvergate used to be a small US organization before it went public in November 2019, after which it quickly became one of the major players in crypto banking services, offering services to companies shut out by traditional banking providers. Its shares rose significantly until 2022 when FTX collapsed and resulted in two-thirds of its customer base withdrawing deposits totaling over $8 billion from SilverGate Bank due to FUD among investors.

Bipartisan Calls For Details

A bipartisan group of United States Senators requested information from SilverGate about its risk management practices and dealings with FTX, highlighting how serious this investigation is becoming for them. Furthermore, increased judicial scrutiny has weighed down on their performance due to anti-crypto sentiments among most U.S government departments making any charges brought against them more likely than ever before..


In conclusion, while no charges have been brought against SilverGate yet, they are facing an uphill battle due to increasing judicial scrutiny stemming from their dealings with bankrupt crypto firms like FTX and Alameda Research resulting in many losses for them both financially and reputationally amongst investors

Mastercard’s Former NFT Product Lead Resigns, Mints Resignation as NFT

• Mastercard began its foray into NFTs in 2021, but has come under controversy as former NFT product lead Satvik Sethi made public allegations of workplace mistreatment.
• Sethi resigned and minted his resignation letter as an NFT, claiming that Mastercard had cut his salary package by 40% during the bear market and that he was harassed by management.
• 100% of the proceeds from Sethi’s NFT will go towards survival, as he will soon lose his British work visa and fallback to working in India.

Mastercard’s Foray Into NFTs

Payments tech firm Mastercard began its foray into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sometime in 2021. However, this move has been met with some controversy following the resignation of its former NFT Product Lead Satvik Sethi, who made public allegations of workplace mistreatment against the payments giant.

Sethi’s Resignation & Minting of an NFT

In a dramatic move, Sethi resigned from Mastercard and minted his resignation letter as an NFT which can be bought for 0.023 ETH. He claims that while at Mastercard he experienced pay cuts – even having to take side jobs just to make ends meet – as well as harassment from management due to miscommunication and internal inefficiency. All proceeds from the sale of his resignation letter will go towards survival, since he is soon losing his British work visa and will have to fallback on working in India for the foreseeable future.

Mastercard’s Crypto Ambitions & Partnerships

Prior reports indicated that Mastercard has taken some proactive measures towards entering the crypto space by partnering with Coinbase and even acquiring digital asset analytics firm CipherTrace. Despite these ambitions however, employees are still facing issues such as pay cuts and mistreatment within their organization – something which needs to be addressed if they want to remain competitive within their industry.


This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be used or interpreted as legal advice, investment advice or other financial advice.


Satvik Sethi’s resignation shows how despite Mastercards‘ ambition to break into the crypto sphere through partnerships such Coinbase or acquisitions like CipherTrace, there are still instances where employees feel mistreated or unequally compensated within their own organization – a problem which needs addressing if they want maintain a competitive edge over others in their space

Dogecoin (DOGE) Rallies 8% in Seven Days, Risk Appetite Grows

• Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen 8% profit over the past 7 days, making it one of the top performers in the crypto top 10.
• Recent Bitcoin rally has caused a surge in the price of Dogecoin and other meme coins.
• Data from analytics firms suggests increased levels of positive interaction across social media platforms, hinting at an increase in risk appetite from digital asset enthusiasts.

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been stealing some of Bitcoin’s shine as the benchmark crypto stalls at its current levels. However, the recent rally could spell trouble for optimistic traders and investors waiting for a continuation of the trend. As of this writing, Dogecoin (DOGE) trades at $0.08 with sideways movement in the last 24 hours. Despite this, over the previous seven days, the meme coin still records an impressive 8% profit, making it one of the top performers in the crypto top 10.

The Bitcoin rally deep into the $20,000 territory has flipped the crypto market’s sentiment, resulting in a surge in the price of Dogecoin and other meme coins. Data from Coingecko indicates positive development for meme coins, with the sector recording around $20 billion in total market cap, a 2% increase in 24 hours, and $1 billion in trading volume over the same period. Other altcoins such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Baby Dogecoin, and Bonk have also captured the attention of crypto investors, with SHIB experiencing a 23% rally in the past week alone.

In addition to price movements, data from analytics firm Santiment has also registered increased levels of positive interaction across social media platforms. This suggests that users are more willing to take risks with these assets, hinting at an increase in risk appetite from digital asset enthusiasts.

Overall, the recent rally could spell trouble for optimistic traders and investors waiting for a continuation of the trend. However, with the sector recording strong gains in the last 24 hours, it will be interesting to see how the meme coins perform in the coming days.