Ethereum Trader Review 2022

We have taken an in-depth look at trading on the exchange in this Ethereum Trader review. Ethereum Trader has been operating in 52 countries since 2012 and is controlled by iFinex Inc. from Hong Kong. Time and again, the company hit the negative headlines in the past. In particular, the alleged price manipulation of Bitcoin on the trading platform is said to have been responsible for about half of the price increase at the end of 2017. In the following Ethereum Trader review, we look at the platform, fees, available coins and more.

How we test Ethereum Trader

This Ethereum Trader test is based on comprehensible and transparent standards in order to provide you with the clearest possible assessment. For instance, what about the regulation and security of the platform? What effect do past incidents still have today? For this, we look at a number of features of the Exchange. If you are interested in other exchanges, we have tested them in detail as well.

Ethereum Trader Alternatives Experiences

Currently, there are hardly any alternatives to Ethereum Trader if traders want to have the widest possible selection of the top 100 cryptocurrencies. There is hardly any other crypto exchange in the world that can match Ethereum Trader’s offering. Especially those who focus on the newer altcoins will hardly find any alternatives to Ethereum Trader at the moment.

Conclusion: Ethereum Trader offers over 30 cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Trader is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, according to our Ethereum Trader experience. The provider owes this status primarily to its large selection of different cryptocurrencies. Not only Bitcoin and the well-known Altcoins (for example Ripple or Litecoin) are tradable, but also many lesser-known Altcoins. The currency pairs USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, BTC and ETH are traded. Only recently, the crypto exchange raised the minimum deposit to 10,000 euros.

This was done in order to cope with the large rush of customers and to focus primarily on ambitious investors. However, despite the low fees and the large trading selection, Ethereum Trader has also been criticized. For example, there were technical errors in 2017, which brought many customers large losses and brought negative balance. Even before that, there were problems with the server and the technology, as the crypto exchange was not prepared for the large rush. In the meantime, however, these problems are largely under control, but the crypto exchange is still not accessible to all customers.

For example, registration has been suspended in the meantime. The Invitation Code (a kind of bonus) is also no longer available. You can get to know Ethereum Trader first, because the registration is completely free. A free demo account is available for this purpose, which is not the case everywhere, as is the case with Cryptology.