Unlock the World of NFTs with Waifusion: 16,379 Tokens to Collect!

• Waifusion is a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network.
• As of March 1, 2021, there are 16,379 items in the collection, with 2215 owners and a market capitalization of 198.91 ETH.
• The value of NFTs from the Waifusion Collection is influenced by its development and promotion, as well as opportunistic exploitation and greed in the market.

What Is Waifusion?

Waifusion is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 1 March 2021. There are currently 16,379 items in the collection and 2215 owners since its release 718 days ago. The market capitalization of the collection is 198.91 ETH with an average price per item of 0.31 ETH (~$536.28 at time of writing). Payment tokens accepted for transactions include ETH, DAI, WETH, USDC with floor price set at 0.0198 ETH and 30-day trading volume at 0.66 ETH.

Why Are Some NFTs Expensive And Others Not?

As NFTs are still relatively new to blockchain technology and lack historical data or precedence to determine their value, some projects that started early have had first-mover advantage creating legitimacy which has increased their value over time while others have been made purely out of greed due to rapid growth in the market leading them to be deemed ‘garbage’ NFTs with no real worth or use case beyond speculation or investment purposes.

Is The Waifusion Collection Over Or Underpriced?

It’s difficult to determine whether Waifusions are overpriced or underpriced as this assessment will become clearer when more active participation develops within the metaverse marketspace however it’s possible that its development and promotional activities may influence its pricing as well as opportunistic exploitation and greed from investors taking advantage of soaring prices during times of high demand for certain assets within this space..

Waifusion NFT Fees & Examples

The fees associated with buying/selling includes 400 basis points seller fee to developers & 250 basis points seller fee to OpenSea respectively while buyers incur no fees for either process . Examples include #0 – #3 each featuring unique images & designs indicative of ‘waifu culture’ which is becoming increasingly prominent within the collectibles space especially amongst younger generations & anime fans alike who draw inspiration from manga & anime characters creating digital artworks often portraying strong female figures..


Overall Waifusions offer an interesting insight into how valuable digital collectibles can be in today’s world where virtual spaces are being explored more than ever before allowing people to express their creativity through digital artwork & form communities based around shared interests such as waifu culture which could ultimately lead us towards a future where digital asset ownership becomes commonplace across all industries not just limited to entertainment related areas such as gaming but also finance investment banking etc..